Horatio Myer founded the business in 1876 and the Company occupied premises in Vauxhall Walk, London. It employed 19 people and had an annual turnover of £6,000.

Myer's Vauxhall Factory

Through the reign of Queen Victoria into the 20th Century and through two world wars, Myer’s continued to grow and prosper. From the iron bedsteads of the Victorian era to the first divan beds, Myer’s were at the forefront of bed design and technology.

In 1962 the Huntingdon site was opened, employing 70 people and producing 750 bed sets a week.

From 1962 to 1982 Huntingdon and Vauxhall continued to manufacture beds and other furniture including display cabinets and coffee tables.

In 1982 the Vauxhall plant was closed and all production was transferred to Huntingdon.

In 2007 Myer's joined the Hilding Anders Group and in 2008, Myer’s was joined by leading bed brands Slumberland and Dunlopillo at the Huntingdon site along with Staples Beds which Myer's acquired in 1986.

Today Myer’s still remains true to its heritage by manufacturing beds that are more comfortable than ever giving honest value for money.

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