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Silentnight Beds and Mattresses

Come into the store and see us in the Comfort Zone to see and try our huge in store range of Silentnight beds. Our in-store experts at DS Furniture Furniture Confort Zone can help you pick the bed that is just right for you.

Silentnight is Britain’s leading bed supplier. Here is a simple guide to their products. If you would like to know more then please call us or visit the store.

Why Choose Silentnight?

Silentnight have developed Miracoil® support technology.

This is a unique spring system developed for Silent Night in Silentnight sleep laboratories, its shaped differently and works differently to all other spring systems.

What does it do?

The Miracoil® technology allows:

  • Zoned support that loves your back
  • Pressure relief for a perfect night’s sleep
  • More personal sleep space
  • Individual sleep zones for undisturbed sleep

The Miracoil® 3 range: Miracoil Radiance, Miracoil Renew, Miracoil Indulge, Miracoil Treasure, Miracoil Blossom, Miracoil Ortho Star, Miracoil Charm, Miracoil Cherish, Miracoil Ortho Dawn.

The Miracoil® 7 range: Miracoil Vibrance, Miracoil Breeze, Miracoil Spirit

Which Miracoil® should I pick?

  • Miracoil® 3: For people without sleep problems and for people who like a medium to firm feel.
  • Miracoil® 7: For people who sleep on their side and want to relieve the pressure build up they might feel on certain parts of their body. Also for people who just want a feel of a touch of luxury
  • Miracoil® beds also come with different “comfort and delight” layers that help refine your nights sleep.
  • Memory foam and memory foam Breath
  • Latex for instant comfort and relief from pressure but without memory foams need for body heat to activate it
  • Mini pocket springs that add a little luxury and are perfect if your partner is slightly heavy and likes a firmer bed or gets too hot.

The last thing to consider is the very top layer that comes with Miracoil® beds, Silentnight has developed this final layer with hypoallergenic properties and also have the new Cirrus air flow fabric for a more breathable nights sleep

Available Ranges