Rest Assured Chester Memory 800 Mattress


British manufacturing at its best

Designed, handmade and sent to you from the heart of Lancashire, the Memory 800 is a traditional pocket spring mattress expertly combined with a premium comfort filling to deliver the preferred comfort of your choice.
Firmness rating
This mattress comes with a medium firmness rating, so it’s particularly suitable for couples and offers a compromise between softer and firmer comfort ratings.
Personal and supportive comfort
800 individual pocket springs respond to the movement of your body through the night to provide outstanding support and comfort that’s personal to you.
Sink into a blissful slumber

The body moulding memory foam comfort filling responds to the contours of your body for pressure relieving comfort, allowing you to gently sink into a sumptuous sleep every night.
Easy to maintain

Because this mattress is single sided, you won’t need to go through the hassle of constantly turning it over. Simply just rotate it from time to time when you do your spring cleaning.
Handmade in Great Britain



Additional information
3ft, 4ft 6, 5ft, 6ft

Additional information


3ft, 4ft 6, 5ft, 6ft


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